Kymberly’s understanding of the text, her specific interpretation, and her mastery of the art and discipline of working with actors to evoke brilliant performances, are the bedrock of her talent.”
— Casey Silver, Producer


acting - DRAMA

acting - COMEDY

"Harris had the most challenging role, that of a straightlaced woman seduced in a matter of minutes, and sensitively instilled in her character a longing for romance and passion." -Elias Stimac, The Off-Broadway Review

 "The launch of RANT,  tempts and tests audiences with live performance, music, dance and "in-your-face" sexuality." -New York Times 

"Kymberly Harris` Roxanne, spinning out tales of her sexual adventures in between running the office from her phone console, is a very neat bit of corporate culture caricature." -Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune

"Thanks to an exceptional turn from Kymberly Harris as Trenton's mom 'Brianna', the set up feels disturbingly authentic." -The Killing Box 

“This production possessed insanity in spades. As Linda, The Bronx bombshell who gets knocked-up every time she stops walking, Kymberly Harris was a force of nature.” –Scott Vogel, The Off-Broadway Review