Rose’s Turn (2017)

A glamorous European couple working in LA invite a homeless woman for dinner, and learn that their idea of helping may not be as simple as it seems.

Won several awards and was at Cannes.

FAITH (2018)

FAITH is a character driven dark comedy inspired by the lives and struggles of real teenagers recovering from drug and alcohol abuse in a psych ward. Under the direction of writer/director Kymberly Harris , this young all star ensemble use method acting techniques to explore the lives of the characters. The result is an edgy, magical, and truthful human story exploring how broken people can find their way back to connection in life and with each other.

Won several awards including best film at NYCIFF.

SARAH (2019)

An intimate portrait of a young musician who revisits the wreckage of his past in order to reclaim the voice that made him a rock star.

Coming in 2019.

‘I had the opportunity to observe her in the casting room and on set, as a director of great skill and confidence but also possessing a quiet understanding of how to make intuitive connections with the actors and later with the crew.”
— Kerry Rock, CD, Producer